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Unexpected Events, Creative Energy on a High and The Past Meeting the Future

The 3 main themes we are exploring for April are: Unexpected Events, Creative Energy on a High, and The Past Meeting The Future. First we’ll address a theme that has been playing out for many during March - Energetic Overwhelm - the feeling that you are at capacity with how much you can feel, experience and process.

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A New Theory On Time Indicates Present And Future Exist Simultaneously

According to a new controversial theory, everything around us is intricately planned, and each and everyone’s destiny has already been decided. The new theory suggests that time does not PASS and that everything is ever-present. In fact, time is not linear as we have been thinking all along, and everything around us is ever present.

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The Era of Higher Harmonics, Elevated Love and Abundance Shifts

In the seven years since 2012, a dominant energy characteristic has been CLEARING; clearing out of old stuff, old patterns, old behaviours, old energies. The next seven years, 2019 to 2026 are going to be seven years of ELEVATION. Moving into the lighter and brighter spaces of consciousness that the past seven years have forged the way for.

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